Cover of book Trusting Chance(Fate Harbor 1) by Caitlyn OLeary

Trusting Chance(Fate Harbor 1)

Total words: 384
Unique words: 758

Cover of book Phoenix Searching by Nicole Stewart

Phoenix Searching

Total words: 84
Unique words: 888

Cover of book Chasing Faete(Beyond The Veil 1) by Elena Kincaid

Chasing Faete(Beyond The Veil 1)

Total words: 640
Unique words: 232

Cover of book Claimed by a King by Lisa Lang Blakeney

Claimed by a King

Total words: 64
Unique words: 676

Cover of book Claiming Kara(Fate Harbor 3) by Caitlyn OLeary

Claiming Kara(Fate Harbor 3)

Total words: 721
Unique words: 152

Cover of book Single Submissive by Marilyn Lakewood

Single Submissive

Total words: 469
Unique words: 433